Protecting your reputation

The Reputation Agency has developed bespoke tools to help you assess reputation risk. The company will also create detailed, scientific and sustainable reputation management strategies for your business based on a deep understanding of your industry, your market, your competitors and your business objectives.

Protecting your reputation


Protecting your reputation


Measuring and managing your reputation


Monitoring your performance

Reputation Automated Project Risk Assessment Tool©

Your company is about to launch a new product, make major changes in personnel, or open a new factory.

How can your company know if this decision would have any impact on its reputation? Had the company thought about this aspect until the media called, or an enraged member of the public engaged you on social media?

This proprietary software allows companies to assess what impact a decision could have on your reputation before you finalise the planning process. It provides a sensible approach on how to assess reputation risk and put mitigation plans into action to save companies an enormous amount of hassle further down the line.

Designed for both large and mid-sized companies, the tool is a practical way to make companies think about reputation risk while planning. It gives good advice on which route to follow as part of the package.

The Reputation Agency can take the results from this assessment and help companies plan ahead in a way that addresses concerns before they become public, or, at the very least, assists in preparing a company long before the problem becomes an issue.

The Reputation Automated Project Risk Assessment Tool © is in use across the world.

Once your company knows where the problem lies, The Reputation Agency can help fix the problem either way.

Working best with the Reputation Agency’s Reputation R&M © tool (but also with any professional reputation research results made available), this methodology is detailed and of practical, actionable value. The tool is used across industrial and commercial sectors by our clients both in Africa and further afield.