Monitoring your performance

It’s not only the reputation you have that counts, it’s your level of engagement too. And they’re not necessarily the same thing, although one can have a direct bearing on the other. Once the Reputation Agency has helped to assess the position you have in the reputation landscape, we work with your teams to monitor your positioning in your market.

Monitoring your performance


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Measuring and managing your reputation


Monitoring your performance

Media Efficacy Tool ©

Many companies measure their reputation with the media. But how about your engagement with them? How do they rate you against your peers when it comes to media relations?

The Reputation Agency has developed a proprietary tool that looks at some very key questions about your relations with the media: how they value the information you provide, what store they put in your relationship, how they view your CEO’s accessibility and transparency and what your areas of improvement would be.

Best of all, The Reputation Agency has done a sufficient number of research projects over the years to enable us to measure your company against corporate benchmarks.

No online questionnaires sent to the media world, no annoying field workers wasting the media’s time – this is professional research designed to uncover and then unpack exactly what the media who matter to you really think.

Consisting of both quantitative and qualitative metrics and conducted by expert field researchers, this is an essential tool for Communications Departments or PR companies trying to establish their worth, their performance and their improvement over time – with the media you work with everyday, identified by you.

Stakeholder Mapping Tool ©

Engaging with stakeholders is almost always a board and Excom priority, but often is the responsibility of the Corporate Affairs, Regulatory Affairs or Public Affairs departments in major corporations.

Identifying them is almost always straightforward, but that doesn’t help you if you’re approaching stakeholder engagement from an issues point of view rather than a stakeholder point of view.

A methodology that enables you to do both, and prioritise them in terms of their current view and their predisposition to the company or to the issue, is what makes relations that much easier to manage.

The Reputation Agency has developed proprietary methodology that enables you to match stakeholders to issues, and map them according to their level of influence both on you, and on the issue concerned.

This practical approach is used by our clients internationally and has proved to be both practical and very effective.