Measuring and managing your reputation

The Reputation Agency makes use of bespoke measurement tools from global research partners, tailored specifically for each client according to the unique position that you have within your industry. This will provide you with real-time, relevant insights into what makes your audiences tick – and how best to manage your reputation and engagement with them.

Measuring and managing your reputation


Protecting your reputation


Measuring and managing your reputation


Monitoring your performance

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Reputation is one of those things that most people know little about, but it has become a board priority.

So how can a company assess what reputation really is all about? Is it the same as one’s corporate brand? How does a company measure it so that it makes sense? Against whom should a company really be measured, and why?

Should companies use the very many ‘reputation research’ findings that are freely available, or should they do it properly? And what does a company do with the results, after all the research has been done? Who is ultimately responsible for the company’s reputation, and why?

The Reputation Agency has developed key methodologies in the field of Reputation Research and Management which it has applied throughout SA, Africa, Latin America and Europe.

These methodologies involve a very focused look at establishing exactly what drives a company’s reputation and what is really important for consumers, the general public, or the company’s particular stakeholders when they are assessing their investment.

Hard thinking and decades of experience are brought into play to make research practical, usable and benchmarkable tool, with strategic interventions that can be implemented across the organisation in a defined, measurable way, with expert researchers in their fields.

The Reputation Agency prides itself in ensuring no off-the-shelf products that cost a fortune, and are put in a drawer until the next round. Our proprietary tool is being used by major blue-chips across the world, to great effect.

Measuring and managing your reputation

Your company has done your measurements and the research shows you may have a problem with your reputation. But how do you know if your low scores come from a lack of performance, or because you’re not communicating the best you can?

The truth is that often, you don’t.

The Reputation Agency has developed bespoke methodologies designed to highlight where the problem is, and with whom. The tool allows companies to focus on the right thing – whether it is that their outputs that are below expectations, or whether the company is broadly doing the right things but stakeholders or consumers simply do not know about them.