The Reputation Agency specialises in protecting, measuring and managing corporate reputation for global brands in 25 countries. Expertise built up over 27 years together with bespoke tools that have been developed by us, allow a scientific yet user-friendly and functional approach

Every company develops a reputation that is based on people’s perceptions of it over time. The key question is whether you let external factors drive impressions and opinions about your company, or whether you actively manage and maximize your most valuable asset.


Protecting your reputation

The Reputation Agency has developed bespoke tools to help companies assess reputation risk. Our work includes creating detailed, scientific and sustainable reputation management strategies for a business based on a deep understanding of their industry, market, competitors, and overall business objectives.


Measuring and managing your reputation

The Reputation Agency makes use of bespoke measurement tools from global research partners, tailored specifically for each client according to the unique position the client has within their industry. This provides our clients with real-time, relevant insights into what makes their audiences tick – and how best to manage their reputation and engagement with the identified audiences.


Monitoring your performance

It is not only the reputation a company has with the media that counts, it is also your level of engagement. Notably, they are not necessarily the same thing, although one can have a direct bearing on the other. Once the Reputation Agency has helped to assess the position a client has in the reputation landscape, we work with the client team to monitor the company’s positioning in the relevant market.